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High quality match between Advani-Goggins went to Advani

Pankaj Advani - India Pankaj Advani - India IBSF Media

Pankaj Advani from India able to win the decider frame of quarter finals against Irishman, Rodney Goggins.

The match started well but later tension, drama, excitement all together included in that. The Irish camp and Indian camp must have thoroughly enjoyed and ofcourse hold the breath for the outcome of many crucial shots.

Advani had brilliant break of 72 in second frame and so a well crafted 69 by Goggins in fourth.

Advani was down 3-2 when he accelerated the pace with a break of 35 points to come at par and secured another to gain 4-3 lead.

The sixth frame was full of excitement where the score was 34-00 in favour of Advani with 3 reds on table and after that each shot by both the players was worth watching. The rest of the game includes, good pots, snooker, safe-shot and couple of fouls ofcourse --- 'a complete game of snooker!'.

However, Goggins needed all colours to tie and black re-spot. He did the same in multiple visits and with couple of snookers. The black re-spot won by Goggins to set decider.

In the decider, Goggins got the first chance but he went out-of-place on a lead of 11 points and from there on Advani picked each shot very precisely to clear the table without giving any further chance to Goggins.

Advani is now having semi finals against Mohsen Bukshaisaha of Qatar who outplayed another Welshman, Jamie Clarke.

Commendable performance by Mohsen who gave tough fight to Welshman and secured the match by winning decider.

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